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This week have I for the most just researching and started with my sphere with Level of detail(lod). I was in the beginning very unsure how to do implement lod to an sphere because I have only implement it on an flat terrain. So that is what I have been started to research about and found a very interesting solution, which will fit my needs. First I will start with one cube, the cube have 6 sides, up, down, left, right, front and back. With each side represented as each own flat terrain with it’s own lod. This suits me very well not only because it was not to hard to implement. And later on when view frostum culling is implemented, it can easily just cull an entire side.


Here is a picture of the result, it’s looking terrific. Perfectly round sphere. The picture to the right is from mu project, and the other one is for easier understand what I have done. There you can see that the red line represent the edge of the cube.

Level of detail have I started with but it’s not done jet, some small fixes before I can share it with you all!

Making World is the name of my specialization project. Here on the blog will I show you my progress, any problems I have and just enlighten you what´s have happen.
The project idea is to render planet with an appurtenant sun where it is possible to visit the planet close up on the ground, take a look from the sky or get an overall impression of the planet from space. The planet will have varied terrain, from flat ground to high mountains with water linking all land together. Everything will be textured with different texture for example flat land, mountains or water. With atmospheric effect surrounding the planet and with sunsets and sundown to blend the day to night and night to day.

This is the idea and it will be very fun to work with this and to see how the project grow  and to see how all will look like in the end.

See in next post!