Daniel Rocque:
It’s been a while but I figured I would give a tip on a useful script. Two weeks ago when making the  floor panels I first created the square ones that would be used to create the tileable floor texture as well as the loose stones that can be moved around freely. When I got to the Main rooms circled floor I did not want to remodel the entire “tile collection” I had, so I used this little script in Maya to curve the stones in circles.
It was simple and easy to use and I got the job done fairly quickly. I definitely plan to utilize this script in the future!

Here is a link to the script:


We are finally in the production stage of the project.

Now we will focus on creating the assets to replace all of the placeholder ones in the current cinematic.

Daniel Rocque: I’ve had a bit of a “rocky” week so far. Focusing on creating wall textures, stone tiles, floors and stairs.
I ran into a issue when I baked my normal maps on things with 45-90 degree angles that resulted in a grade on my normal map. I then had to add some geometry or seperate the UVs and Harden the edges to remove the grading issue. However some of the issues still remained and I had to paint over some parts of the map to remove hardened lines.
Maya did not seems to have as much of a problem with the graded normal maps as a posed to UE4. Which is why I think I never encountered this issue before.

It was too bad that this issue did not show itself during the prototype weeks since I am now a little behind on the schedule but am confident I will catch up in no time.

Daniel Ax: I’ve managed to keep up with my schedule quite well and I’ve been hard at work with creating the chains, shackles, cells and furniture this week. So far everything is coming along nicely, however a few objects, such as the shackles, need to be tweaked a bit before they can be considered “done”. I’m currentely working on finishing the baking of the lowpoly chairs and benches that will go along with the table. This upcoming week I will also get to work on the torches and windows.

Here’s a sneak peek of a few of the assets we have worked on so far!


bloggpic_cell bloggpic_chain floor_asset

We are currently in the Preproduction stage of the project.

This past week we have been researching the technical aspects of Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) and created a basic layout of the level inside UE4.
We now have a better understanding of UE4 and will implement our research into the level next week.
The main things we have been researching are:

  • Texture workflow with Substance
  • Camera movement
  • Sound implementation
  • Particle effects
  • Lighting in UE4


We have also been drawing up some basic concepts while creating the layout of the level.




The MS1 link has been updated with all the documents for our first milestone. There you will find our planning documents, including our time plan, project document and analysis.

Here is our first first list of references for our prio 1 assets and materials. The style we are aiming for is realistic with a hint of exaggerated proportions. We use the game Lords of the Fallen as a reference point for the esthethics.





We are two senior graphics students currently in the planning stages of an in-game cinematic we are working on for our graduation project. We are aiming to create an in-game cinematic that will run inside of Unreal Engine 4.

Since we both are interested in environment and asset creation for realtime engines our goal is to create this cinematic without the use of any fullbody characters, but instead use the environment to tell our story. Which in turn will allow us to focus more on the assets and the environment.

We will be moving into pre-production next week, as soon as we are satisfied with all the phases of our planning process.

We can’t show you much just yet, but here’s a sneak peek of our lightboard and a reference sheet of our main character.

A lot more coming soon, stay tuned!

Daniel Ax & Daniel Rocque Bengtsson