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The MS1 link has been updated with all the documents for our first milestone. There you will find our planning documents, including our time plan, project document and analysis.

Here is our first first list of references for our prio 1 assets and materials. The style we are aiming for is realistic with a hint of exaggerated proportions. We use the game Lords of the Fallen as a reference point for the esthethics.





We are two senior graphics students currently in the planning stages of an in-game cinematic we are working on for our graduation project. We are aiming to create an in-game cinematic that will run inside of Unreal Engine 4.

Since we both are interested in environment and asset creation for realtime engines our goal is to create this cinematic without the use of any fullbody characters, but instead use the environment to tell our story. Which in turn will allow us to focus more on the assets and the environment.

We will be moving into pre-production next week, as soon as we are satisfied with all the phases of our planning process.

We can’t show you much just yet, but here’s a sneak peek of our lightboard and a reference sheet of our main character.

A lot more coming soon, stay tuned!

Daniel Ax & Daniel Rocque Bengtsson