Friday 27/2 Update

This week has been spent getting the rest of the 3D assets done.

The house is mostly done. Some lack of details in certain areas and the textures aren’t the best they could be. I am thinking of adding secondary textures to the building to get a more unique look to each texture, but that is something I will consider later if I get time left over (which I probably won’t).
I’ve made 3 more textures in substance for the house and game level. The textures aren’t that visible on the house but they are working quite well in the game engine. I reused most of the wood panel texture to create a painted wood texture that is used on the white parts of the house.

I textured the mountain using layered shaders. When I textured the mountain I realized I had a bit too little variation in my textures but since I have less time now I can’t really make original textures so I just used CrazyBump to generate 4 more tiling textures.
I UV mapped the entire thing and painted the masks in Mari. I used 2 UV sets, one which the masks used and the other that the tiling textures used.
The result from using this workflow gave a more organic look and was quicker than the way I had textured the foreground. Unfortunately I can’t really make any changes to the foreground as I’ve rendered more than half of the frames and it would take too long to re render.

The background matte paint is starting to near completion. There is some work to be done on it and I hope to get most of the details in place this weekend so I can just make minor adjustments to it later.

I’ve also made a smoke simulation for the chimneys that is almost done, I just have to add some light and wind to it and then I can render it.
Materials Cliff_comp


Work on the Inventor character is finishing up with only some fine-tuning left regarding the texture maps which were created using Polypaint in Zbrush and later extracted with Xnormal using its native bake highpoly vertex color tool. The specularity map was also created the same way. Some back-and-forth was also required to fix small errors and problems in the mesh. Animation and rigging has been put on hold til most of the texturing work is done, while a rig does exist and can be used and skinned quickly.

DiffuseSN Untitled-1


With the assets, work has been done on optimizing them to save geometry and the following shading issues that occured due to the optimzation. After that, work has been focused on creating normal maps using Zbrush. Work that is left is lighting and shading on all assets.

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