Friday 20/2-15 Production Update

For this update, the focus has been on finishing the main NPC, a.k.a the Inventor, both the high- and lowpoly using Zbrush and Maya as tools.   While some more details are needed on the highpoly to create a better normal map (cloth textures, seams etc), we felt it was necessary to create a lowpoly model as well and test how the animation would work in-game, which worked quite acceptable.


Highpoly version



Lowpoly version( without normal map)

Adam’s part:

This week I worked mainly on the matte painting and finishing the house model.

The matte painting is slowly progressing and getting better. I did a bit of photobashing to get the values I wanted and painted the shapes of the landscape. There is still work to be done on the matte painting but most of it is just details that will be added with more photographs.

The foreground is pretty much done for now. The foliage is paint effects and is animated. The ground became a bit flatter than I anticipated but it will have to do for now. The lighting on the grass is the lighting I am going to use on the house as well, I just didn’t have time to add the proper lighting to the house yet.

I tried rendering the grass at 1080p 32bit and It took about 20 minutes per frame so during 1 night I rendered about 50 frames. I am planning on rendering 500 frames. I will have to render on multiple computers to get it done in time.

I am pretty sure I am behind schedule but at the same time I fell like all the hardest parts of the project is over. At this point most of the upcoming things to do are straight forward and easier to do. The house mainly needs to get UV mapped and then the textures that I’ve made using substance can be applied. I’ve made ground and foliage so I’ve learned a process so I can make it much quicker for the middle ground.

I was kind of dreading using mia_material as a shader earlier this week but I think Maya 2015 view port 2.0 has been improved so it’s actually possible to see what the material will look like in the viewport. So I could pretty quickly turn my textures for UE4 work in mia_material.

matte_painting_test grass_evening grass_day

So far with the the worldbuilding, we have finished up all the base meshes and corrected the scale and decided what needs to be Zbrushed. in order to generate Normalmaps, which is currently being done.

We have also updates our Whitebox with all induvidual assets in order to have more control over how large the room would be and how to place our assets.

The scale is pretty much done, so is the changes to the project we had to do in order to get everything to work.

we encountered an issue with rotation from maya into UE4 which we are looking into during the weekend.

Next week will be focusing on shading and material creation for both the character and the assets, together with lighting with Adam.


Here you can see how the scale will be, The extremly high roof is to give it a massive feel, with the main lightign from the windows.


Up from a corner in the room; the room is quite large, since we wanted to avoide the room feeling to shut-in. The only basemesh we lacking at the moment is pipes going throughout the room.


The massive Bay-Windows; the matte painting that Adam will create for our outside will be fully visable from this window, However the path to the window will  be obstructed by assets since we want to control the field of view of the player.


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