MS2 – Proof of Concept

The focal point since MS1 have been to construct a fully functional prototype level that is fully playable from start to finish. The reason for this is, of course, to test if the ideas we had from the start will work, both from a storytelling point of view and a gameplay view.

Since we didn’t have any experience with UE4’s Blueprint system, it took a while to get used to it. The important scripts we needed was:

  • Puzzle script for picking up 3 objects( can become more if we have time) and opening a door to exit, which had to remain closed until you have gathered the necessary objects
  • Scripts for two cinematics
  • Script to make secondary character move out of view after finishing first cinematic
  • Main menu script

One of the problematic areas was how to time the main NPC a.k.a the Inventor to walk away at the correct time. We solved that using a animated triggerbox that slowly moved towards the character model as he talked and as soon as it touched, he would start to walk towards a dummy character we had placed in the second room using a blueprint called ‘Get actor location’ that would make the Inventor walk towards the dummy’s position. A similar problem was in the end cinematic where the main character was planned to walk outside. Here we also placed a dummy pawn outside and used a ‘fake’ pawn that we teleported to the player’s position to take its place, as we had problems getting the player character to walk out. The dummy pawn would thus use the same script as the Inventor by walking towards the pawn outside the house as the door would open.



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