Friday 30th January update

Friday January 30th

This week we have mostly focused on testing scripts and creating prototypes to see if our level will be able to be created the way we want it to. Suffice to say, most have been a success even though fine-tuning still remains. The scripts that have been made are for how to combine different cameras to create multi-camera cinematics, script to open a door by collecting object, how to have a menu at the start of the level etc.

UE4_Script_Documentation_Doortrigger UE4_Script_Documentation_Level_Blueprint_Pickup UE4_Script_Documentation_Trigger2 UE4_Script_Documentation_Trigger3 UE4_Script_DocumentationDoor_trigger CinematicLevel2Blueprint CinematicLinkingCameras Menu_blueprint UE4_Script_Documentation_AmountBlueprints UE4_Script_Documentation_Button3

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