Robot Odyssey – A UE4 Game Level Gscept Specialization Project 2015

Waking up: Robot Odyssey – A UE4 Game Level

Greetings everyone and welcome to our blog where we will post updates and other fun things as we work on our specialization project here on Gscept. As our project, we have chosen to do a game level in Unreal Engine 4  which will feature a charming house on top of a hill belonging to a brilliant inventor of robots.  The level will feature the inventor; a fully animated character as he greets you welcome to your new world. You will play his creation, a small robot, in first-person, and your task is to explore the starting room while keeping the lookout for valuable object for your eventual journey to the outside world.

The level will feature:

  • One room with assets
  • A fully modelled, textured and animated supporting character i.e: the Inventor
  • The main character, a small robot that is modelled,textured and slightly animated
  • Outside environmental assets including mattepaintings etc.

Robot 1Inventor 1

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