MileStone 3

It’s time for milestone 3. Which means the project should be done. Well here’s the work so far:

Here is the original model
so obese
IceCube reads the obj file and loads it into voxels.
And the model exported from voxels to vertices, opened in Blender.
Saves in a .obj file and a texture file. The texture file is simply a line, and the uv says which pixel to use for its colour (this ‘line’ below is actually the texture file for the model).




The conclusions, presentation and the runnable .exe file (as well as the source code) can be found in the MS3 folder.

Post mortem is for next week (MS4)

Last week

Production is at its final week.

Exporter and importer is now finished (as finished we have time for).
When exporting we save all the unique colours used in a texture file, looks like this (scaled up):

A correct mtl file is also created, so when loading these files into blender will display the model correctly with the right colours without further configuration:



The left model is the model in our program and the model to the right is the model in blender.
We had a few issues with Maya, since it reads the model correctly, and saves the material from the mtl file, but does not assign the materials.


The editor is now finished


Most settings can be accessed with both the editor and keyboard shortcuts to be as user friendly as possible. The only thing only accessible trough the editor is the colour picker.



We don’t really have time to start on something new, so we’ll work on polishing and small fixes here and there.
We’ve mostly ignored performance, but it’s time to get working on that.

In our original analysis we came to the conclusion that we’d make use of interval trees and hash tables to store chunks/voxels, then later in our blog we said we scrapped the idea because performance wasn’t an issue (only spend time on performance if it becomes an issue). Our performance report shows that should really use hash tables.