Update week 4

We are progressing a bit faster than expected. The major features of the exporter and importer is already complete.

Here is a model (special thanks to tf3dm.com and the user 3dregenerator for uploading it)
real thing


Here is the model imported into our program.


That didn’t look right. The bicycle is so small we have to scale it. Here is the resizing progress.
Looks pretty good. Except for the lack of textures and blocky shape. That is for next weeks work.


For now we have to make do with colouring it ourselves.


We have added a custom colour picker to the editor that can store and edit the current colour using HSV(hue, saturation, value).

Qt had a built in colour picker dialog, but it had some bugs that were not fixed in the latest version of Qt.


We can also save and load models using our own format, without loss of quality or colours.

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