Exporter and Shader

The editor has many new features, such as:

  • Changes and fixes to make the program more user friendly
  • Paint mode
  • Add/Remove large amount of voxels at the same time
  • Can receive the colour of selected cube

This week we have started on, and finished shaders.




In the future we probably want to add some kind of reflection on the voxels.



The work on the exporter has begun. Currently we can export vertices, UVs and normals. The UV is not editable in the editor and the exporter does not support it (yet?).

The first picture below shows the model in the editor.

And this picture shows the model loaded in another program. Oops, looks like different chunks mess up the location of the voxels.



After a little more work we got it working. Here is the model in Maya.

pic1 pic2

We do want to minimize the number of faces (vertices), which means the smaller voxels (seen in the picture with our model in Maya) will be merged into a larger one.

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