Research and planning

You can take a look at our initial research at the Milestone 1 page,  but here is the updated research and planning.

Voxels will be stored in chucks. Chucks is an area consisting of voxels, pre-calculated what will be rendered from those voxels. When a voxel is added or removed the chuck, which the voxel is contained, will re rebuilt with the correct information for rendering. That information is saved so it do not need to be updated again.

Many of other voxel projects have problems with it running slowly on most systems, so while we don’t prioritize optimization early on, we decided we would have our code data oriented rather than object oriented.  Changing it later would only make it a hassle. We will use our own custom arrays to store the voxels and chucks.

Otherwise it seams there is no more research needed, unless we encounter a problem further in the project.

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