Texturing progress

Hello, Katarina here, I’m working on the T-Rex model “Cutter”. This week the UVs are finished and all laid out and organized! Texturing work in Mari started this week, and it’s progressing nicely. Going to pick up the pace though, and try to finish a test-render before Sunday.

I’ve focused on texturing the areas that will be in view. I’d love to finish the rest of the model as well, but it’s all depending on time.


progress_texture01 progress_texture02

Progress update!

We’ve been working on our models, finishing up the modelling and doing the UVs for the machines, and started some preliminary skinning for the owl.

For the model “The Cutter” the modelling stage is almost completed for the parts that will be on screen. The work on the UVs are being made, so they’re both progressing well. Finishing the UVs and texturing scheduled for next week!



For the owl the textures for the feathers are almost done, as well as the skinning and rigging (simple since it wont move much). Had to rearrange the schedule somewhat to compensate for a program that we are waiting for.