Progress on shading and texturing


Been a little while since I posted last time, have been some hectic times during the last weeks (took longer to UV map everything than i thought it should take, but I have learnt a lot from it)!

Anyway, the texturing and shading is going forward. Currently playing around with color, material properties, amount of spec/bump/roughness intensity and so on. Made a little test you can look at below. The specularity is way to intense currently, but will tweek it in NUKE later on when i have all my passes. Will try to add more rust, scratches and dirt over the model to achieve a more interesting result.

Overall I´ve learnt a lot from MARI. I´m a bit new to program so it took a little longer some of the steps. I´m currently using the procedural layers a lot with the tiled texture applied to it, which alows me to have more control/structure over the model.

Hope you like the progress!



shading test texturing1 texturing3 texturuing2

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