Final Delivery_MS3

Final Delivery is now up! We have some more things that has to be adjusted such as:
– Strange Final Gathering artifacts
– Smoke Speed

Overall poleshing will be fixed to next week.

Post Mortem with our thoughts on this project will be up for Milestone 4, next week.

Hope you like it!


Test comp

Made a little test to check all the passes/grading. Will spend the upcoming time before the big rendering on tweeking the colors/material attributes. In other words, I have to fix so the whole model looks old, dirty and rusty (compared to now with some parts super shiny). Grading and depth needs to be fixed aswell.

The full clip will be up next friday!



comp test

Progress on shading and texturing


Been a little while since I posted last time, have been some hectic times during the last weeks (took longer to UV map everything than i thought it should take, but I have learnt a lot from it)!

Anyway, the texturing and shading is going forward. Currently playing around with color, material properties, amount of spec/bump/roughness intensity and so on. Made a little test you can look at below. The specularity is way to intense currently, but will tweek it in NUKE later on when i have all my passes. Will try to add more rust, scratches and dirt over the model to achieve a more interesting result.

Overall I´ve learnt a lot from MARI. I´m a bit new to program so it took a little longer some of the steps. I´m currently using the procedural layers a lot with the tiled texture applied to it, which alows me to have more control/structure over the model.

Hope you like the progress!



shading test texturing1 texturing3 texturuing2