Texturing progress

Hello, Katarina here, I’m working on the T-Rex model “Cutter”. This week the UVs are finished and all laid out and organized! Texturing work in Mari started this week, and it’s progressing nicely. Going to pick up the pace though, and try to finish a test-render before Sunday.

I’ve focused on texturing the areas that will be in view. I’d love to finish the rest of the model as well, but it’s all depending on time.


progress_texture01 progress_texture02

UVs Finally done!

Done with my UVS. It toke a little more time than i planed bit I wanted to have as much textured parts as possible and ovoid basic shaded Mental ray materials. Will be using 3 main shading groups to make things a bit more easier for me. I´m satisfied with the result and now it´s time for the wonderful world texturing in Mari! More posts on texturing references and progress will be added next week!



Modelling Progress

The modelling is going pretty straight forward. It´s loads of fun and a lot to do, therefore I am mainly focusing on the areas that are in focus on the shots to save more time on the project.

The approach or modelling method I have been using is to:
1. First block in all the areas so the model looks like the concept
2. Building up the forms by using the smooth mesh preview option
(adding support edges to hold the form/strive towards nice topology)
3. Converting the smooth mesh preview to actual geo
(smooth mesh activated, modify, convert, smooth mesh preview to polygons)
4. Keep all edges/faces that helps to hold the forms and delete all unnecessary edges/faces
(to lower render time mainly)
5. Use the sculpt tool to add more interest on different areas
(see image below)
6. UV mapp the completed parts when I´m satisfied with the detailing

For me this workflow works great for hardsurface modelling mainly becouse I do my modelling and UVS at the same time which results in a more pleasent variation of tasks.


To add more visual interest to shot two I added some small touches which are:

– Hydralic pipes pumping (the blue lines)
– Red Light blinking (red dot)
– Cylinders spinning (green cirkle)

All the wires/cables will be animated with the help of Ncloth (see previous post to se test result).


Shaded/Wireframe print screens
Untitled-3Untitled-14jpg Untitled-2 Untitled-1

Pushing to complete the model next friday (the areas that will be in frame) with all parts needed and UV tiled. Welcome back for more cool stuff then!


Progress update!

We’ve been working on our models, finishing up the modelling and doing the UVs for the machines, and started some preliminary skinning for the owl.

For the model “The Cutter” the modelling stage is almost completed for the parts that will be on screen. The work on the UVs are being made, so they’re both progressing well. Finishing the UVs and texturing scheduled for next week!



For the owl the textures for the feathers are almost done, as well as the skinning and rigging (simple since it wont move much). Had to rearrange the schedule somewhat to compensate for a program that we are waiting for.



MS2 Progress Movie week3


Progress on the movie so far for MS2! We have changed two things from the first video post such as:

– Removing the birds, we didn´t find any stock footage that suited the quality we are after. We will solve this by adding sound instead.

– Another angle for shot 3 (the FPS is a bit strange atm, will be fixed soon!) so we don´t break the “180 angle rule”.

We are currently looking for some nice stock footage smoke for shot 4, which we believe will add some more feel to the shot.

/Thanks for the tips Ulf!;)