The first draft of our block in of the movie!
Idea and explanation are listed below from the different shots:

Shot1, Intro/establishing shot of the “Tree Cutter”.
– The main idea why the birds are flying away is to give the viewer the feeling that something “evil” is coming.
– The amount of birds/speed of them will be looked over.
– When the camera lowers down the chainsaw from the “tree cutter” will bash in from the corner (speed will be increased).
– Rough/quick animation will be used to make the shot more interesting.
– Add a longer intro.

Shot2, Establishing/Size shot of the “Tree basher”.
– Inspiration comes from movies such as Prometheus (the landing scene) and Avatar (The first shot at the landing site with the big tree cutting machines).
– Things that will be added are:
– Wires (simple animation when the machine rotates)
– Blinking red lights (gives the feel of something bad)
– High quality of rust/damages areas
– Stock footage smoke

Shot3, To give a clearer understanding that it’s a construction/deforestation area.

Shot4, To show the destruction and contrast (one side with untouched woods and one deforested areas).
– Mattepaintings will be used here to add destruction/more control over the shot. – Different photos have been taken during the filming to make the matte painting more believable.
-We are currently thinking about shrinking the two construction workers (Josefin and Mikael) down, to add the feeling of size to the robots.
– The block in at the side of the frame is the foot of the “tree cutter”.
– We are thinking about adding some simple animation to the leg to add some interest to it (maybe bending the knees).
– About one or two robobts will be added on the field together with stock footage smoke and logs.

Shot5, Close up on the owl.
– Matte painting behind the owl to show the destroyed areas from the deforestation.
– Simple animation.
– Simulated feathers to add realism.
– Maybe cropping the image for a more interesting composition.

/Feedback is appreciated! Cheers!

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