Introduction to the Project


This is our final project at GScept, Luleå University of Technology where we will be focusing on VFX production.

The project has a span over eight intense weeks, where our final delivery will be a short film with the main theme to show the connection between humanity and the eco system. In other words, we wanted to create something more than only good looking VFX!

The main areas we will cover are:

– Story telling to show the relationship between humanity and nature
– Create modells from reference (Concepts on the mechs are from Pete Sutherland).
– Compositing
– Mattepaintings

What we are aiming to achieve with the project is to get a stronger knowledge within VFX production and do our best to get a final result that can be compared to industry standards.

The tasks during the project will be split between the three of us:

Katarina Olsson
– Machine (Tree Cutter),Mattepainting, IBL, comp, roto

Mikael Boman
– Machine (Tree Basher),Mattepainting, Tracking, comp

Josefin Vahlström
– Owl, Mattepainting, comp

Comments/feedback are most welcome!
(New posts will be added at least every friday afternoon)




/Mikael, Katarina, Josefin


tree+cutter+mech“Tree Cutter”

“Pearl Owl”

“Tree basher”

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