During the week we have tried out different composition on the two mattepaintings we will be using, and these are the two drafts at the moment. There is more to do such as fixing the colors, depth and more but overall we are satisfied with the placement of everything at the moment.

Outside the mattePaintings we have kept on modelling and texturing the robots and the Owl. More posts on the progress on this area will be added soon!


Matte_Painting_Shot3 owl_mattepainting_week2_friday (1)


The first draft of our block in of the movie!
Idea and explanation are listed below from the different shots:

Shot1, Intro/establishing shot of the “Tree Cutter”.
– The main idea why the birds are flying away is to give the viewer the feeling that something “evil” is coming.
– The amount of birds/speed of them will be looked over.
– When the camera lowers down the chainsaw from the “tree cutter” will bash in from the corner (speed will be increased).
– Rough/quick animation will be used to make the shot more interesting.
– Add a longer intro.

Shot2, Establishing/Size shot of the “Tree basher”.
– Inspiration comes from movies such as Prometheus (the landing scene) and Avatar (The first shot at the landing site with the big tree cutting machines).
– Things that will be added are:
– Wires (simple animation when the machine rotates)
– Blinking red lights (gives the feel of something bad)
– High quality of rust/damages areas
– Stock footage smoke

Shot3, To give a clearer understanding that it’s a construction/deforestation area.

Shot4, To show the destruction and contrast (one side with untouched woods and one deforested areas).
– Mattepaintings will be used here to add destruction/more control over the shot. – Different photos have been taken during the filming to make the matte painting more believable.
-We are currently thinking about shrinking the two construction workers (Josefin and Mikael) down, to add the feeling of size to the robots.
– The block in at the side of the frame is the foot of the “tree cutter”.
– We are thinking about adding some simple animation to the leg to add some interest to it (maybe bending the knees).
– About one or two robobts will be added on the field together with stock footage smoke and logs.

Shot5, Close up on the owl.
– Matte painting behind the owl to show the destroyed areas from the deforestation.
– Simple animation.
– Simulated feathers to add realism.
– Maybe cropping the image for a more interesting composition.

/Feedback is appreciated! Cheers!

Introduction to the Project


This is our final project at GScept, Luleå University of Technology where we will be focusing on VFX production.

The project has a span over eight intense weeks, where our final delivery will be a short film with the main theme to show the connection between humanity and the eco system. In other words, we wanted to create something more than only good looking VFX!

The main areas we will cover are:

– Story telling to show the relationship between humanity and nature
– Create modells from reference (Concepts on the mechs are from Pete Sutherland).
– Compositing
– Mattepaintings

What we are aiming to achieve with the project is to get a stronger knowledge within VFX production and do our best to get a final result that can be compared to industry standards.

The tasks during the project will be split between the three of us:

Katarina Olsson
– Machine (Tree Cutter),Mattepainting, IBL, comp, roto

Mikael Boman
– Machine (Tree Basher),Mattepainting, Tracking, comp

Josefin Vahlström
– Owl, Mattepainting, comp

Comments/feedback are most welcome!
(New posts will be added at least every friday afternoon)




/Mikael, Katarina, Josefin


tree+cutter+mech“Tree Cutter”

“Pearl Owl”

“Tree basher”