About the video and delivery.

The third milestone and the proposed final was today.
We didn’t succeed to finish all the animations and render everything in 1080p for this milestone. We did unfortunately fell some days behind to our schedule, mainly because our spaceship took a bit longer than we planned, our concept lacks a lot of information of all the angles and the time to figure out all the angles made us to fall behind our schedule.
We did also received wrong information about this milestone, we were told that this milestone were more of a progress delivery then a proposed final, so we didn’t get the correct info until the beginning of this week.

We did at least manage to render our something for the milestone.

The Presentation.

The presentation went well, our teachers and the spectators had a good understanding of our low quality delivery and we did receive some good feedback.

The feedback we received was:

  • Fix or skip the blue atmosphere on the planet landing site.
  • Fix more realistic grading of the space scene, mainly the spaceship.
  • Final grade everything.
  • Add more breakdowns in the presentation.
  • Make sure to finish the animations and the renders.

We did also receive some good and realistic feedback from our fellow classmates afterwards.

Which was:

  • Space scene:
    • Over exposure space background.
    • Too big stars and too much going on.
    • Fix the northern lights – to sharp, skip the pink/purple hues and decrease the motion.
    • Decrease the motion of the planet.
    • The engine effects are too sharp.
    • Make the engine start when the spaceship takes off.
    • Add more depth to the moon.
  • Planet environment:
    • Remove the mist/ heavy atmosphere.
    • Increase the color scale.
    • Decrease the exposure of the sky and keep it simple.
    • The mountain silhouettes are to sharp, replace with softer mountains.
    • Too much blue colors.
    • Fix the effects of the spaceship landing, not dynamic enough.
    • The northern lights are too big and have the same problems as the space scene.
    • The space suit need to be more visible and not be that bright.
    • Fix the animations of the suit.

Mathias and I have talked about the critics and feedback we received and made up a plan of how we will fix it until next week. We are optimistic that we can fix all of these good comments until milestone 4.

As usual feel free to give us some feedback and comments.
– Aron Strömgren