Finding Earth- VFX Project.

On this blog we will post the progress of our project. Finding Earth is a two man project, our names are Aron Strömgren and Mathias Litzén.
We are studying Bachelor of Fine Arts, specialization Computer Graphic Arts at Luleå University of Technology(Gscept), Skellefteå.

The Story and short description
A man is lost in space and tries to find earth. On the way he encounters other planets similar
to earth, but nothing is like home.
With this idea we got to make beautiful environments, technical models, special effects and
integration of film footage.

Project goal
The purpose of this project is to learn more about the creation of a VFX heavy short/film. We want to reach the industry standard of VFX
The final product will displayed with some breakdowns at the Gscept Gradshow in Skellefteå, Sweden between 4-5th of june 2015.

To achieve this we will work on different fields and merge it all together.

We will do a spaceship, astronaut, planet environments and a space environment.
We will have plenty of simulations for the spaceship and some wind effects to bring some life to the environments.

Mathias will focus on:
– Spaceship – Model, textures, shading, rig and animation.
– Space suit – Model, textures, shading, rig and animation.

Aron will focus on:
– Effects – wind, debris, engine effects, ui and hologram
– Compositing – Rotoscoping, grading, colormatching, environments and set extensions.
– Matte painting

For more info look in the documents located in the Milestone folders.