Blog 10/03

Only two more days before Milestone 3 so we have continued to improve already implemented game elements.
We have improved the HUD for both the investigator and the ghost child. Investigators now sees what keys he has picked up and how much ammo he has if he has a gun equipped.  The ghost child sees its health if it is visible or invisible and how how many traps is available to use. When something is on cool-down the text color of that thing is turned red.

The Spirit has now its animations for walking, normal attack and its special one hit wonder loading/attacking.

More sound has been implemented to the game.

The wall trap has a new modal witch is two nails on ether side of the walls and a sting that stretches between the nails. When the trap is triggered the spirits mouth emerges from the floor and bites the investigator.

A lot of assets to the house are done and more are coming until en of the week.0310

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