Blog 20/02

Now we have done a lot of game testing, we have learned a lot.
We have changed the idea of having the investigator and the child to see the lights different. Before we changed it, we had it so when a child lights a lamp it turns off for the investigator and vice versa. This felt weird because you were when you wanted to sneak. Instead we have it so that the child can see better in the dark and the lit lamps emit an extremely bright light so you cant see much. So this means that the investigators wants to have the lights on and the child wants them off, making it a struggle to control the the light around the house.

We added a rag-doll effect to the investigator, so when he dies to make it look more dynamic.
More investigator animations are in the game now.
The spirit AI have an aggression system, making him more dangerous the longer the game lasts. It now has a bigger chance to attacks the investigator who have done most harm to the child.


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