Blog 10/02

For a couple of days the programmers have had focus on two main things, the spirit AI and a damage system.
At the current moment the AI have a finite state machine which includes three different states, ether it is in idle state where it is invisible and waiting for a timer to run out. When the time is up it enters a patrol mode where it patrols the house. If an investigator comes near the AI, it enters the Engage state where it starts to follow the investigator, while turning off and on its visibility for a spooky visual effect. Then the AI attacks the investigator and goes back to the idle state.

What has been added to the damage system is:

  • Separate hit boxes has been added to investigator for every limb.
  • Damage on investigator effect different limbs depending on where he was hit.
  • Guns has been added and can be fired to hurt investigators.
  • Knives has been added and can be used to hurt investigators.

The graphics artists are modeling the characters and fixing the mo cap animations that we recorded last week.

the youtube link below shows some of today work.

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