Blog 03/02

A lot has happened this sens our last update.

This are some implementation that is finished in the with box project.

  • Four player joining to a level with different Game Modes(one ghost, three investigators).
  • Character movement.
  • Multiple hit boxes on character.
  • Basic damage system for character.
  • Pickup items.
  • Open and close doors.
  • Use key to lock and unlock doors.
  • Basic AI movement and attack.
  • Lights flicker when spirit or ghost is nearby.
  • Light Switches that turn on or off specific lights.
  • Pickup spawn.
  • Basic sound.
  • Concept art is done.


We are now modeling the three characters and assets for the game, and also started with the animations for the characters by using mo cap.

Milestone 2 is on Thursday 02/05-15 and everything the programmers  was going to have done for the white box prototype is finished so we are ahead of the time plan.


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