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Archive for February, 2015

Blog 27/02

A new item has been added to the game. It is a cross that damages, slows and makes it impossible for to ghost child to become invisible if an investigator aims aims the towards her. This is done by sending a line trace from the investigator in short intervals, if the cross is equipped in the investigators hand. If  the line trace hits the ghost child, damage is applied and movement speed is reduced and a variable is set that wont allow the invisibility to be turned off. A fire effect is also spawned at the ghost child’s position for a visual feedback.


Blog 24/02

There is not so much new features that has been implemented since the last blog post. we have mostly gone through all old features to see if there is anything that needs to be fixed.  some of these fixes have been adding physics to items when they are dropped and fixing the position of the traps that the ghost child places.
A new end game goal was implemented to allow the investigators to win by finding the body of the spirited away ghost child hidden somewhere in the house.

All the characters are nearly complete and almost all the “must” animations have a rough base. ^6FEEADB37BE3BCC222AB476EA4C87E7C4B5AADCF20A4A6BF7C^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

Blog 20/02

Now we have done a lot of game testing, we have learned a lot.
We have changed the idea of having the investigator and the child to see the lights different. Before we changed it, we had it so when a child lights a lamp it turns off for the investigator and vice versa. This felt weird because you were when you wanted to sneak. Instead we have it so that the child can see better in the dark and the lit lamps emit an extremely bright light so you cant see much. So this means that the investigators wants to have the lights on and the child wants them off, making it a struggle to control the the light around the house.

We added a rag-doll effect to the investigator, so when he dies to make it look more dynamic.
More investigator animations are in the game now.
The spirit AI have an aggression system, making him more dangerous the longer the game lasts. It now has a bigger chance to attacks the investigator who have done most harm to the child.


Blog 17/02

This are some of the things that has been happening for the latest couple of days.

  • We have started on the layout of the final house design wish the game is going to be played out in.
  • We have started researching rag-doll effect for the AI spirit to make it drag it arms while moving, making it look creepy.
  • A main menu has been implemented to the game so you can connect to an ip address, before this had been done through a console. An end game menu has also been implemented to show who won the match and to let players rejoin the same server.
  • The AI spirit can now be shot, wish makes it vanish, going back to its idle state.
  • All the low-poly character meshes are now done.

MainMenumain menu

Blog 10/02

For a couple of days the programmers have had focus on two main things, the spirit AI and a damage system.
At the current moment the AI have a finite state machine which includes three different states, ether it is in idle state where it is invisible and waiting for a timer to run out. When the time is up it enters a patrol mode where it patrols the house. If an investigator comes near the AI, it enters the Engage state where it starts to follow the investigator, while turning off and on its visibility for a spooky visual effect. Then the AI attacks the investigator and goes back to the idle state.

What has been added to the damage system is:

  • Separate hit boxes has been added to investigator for every limb.
  • Damage on investigator effect different limbs depending on where he was hit.
  • Guns has been added and can be fired to hurt investigators.
  • Knives has been added and can be used to hurt investigators.

The graphics artists are modeling the characters and fixing the mo cap animations that we recorded last week.

the youtube link below shows some of today work.

Blog 03/02

A lot has happened this sens our last update.

This are some implementation that is finished in the with box project.

  • Four player joining to a level with different Game Modes(one ghost, three investigators).
  • Character movement.
  • Multiple hit boxes on character.
  • Basic damage system for character.
  • Pickup items.
  • Open and close doors.
  • Use key to lock and unlock doors.
  • Basic AI movement and attack.
  • Lights flicker when spirit or ghost is nearby.
  • Light Switches that turn on or off specific lights.
  • Pickup spawn.
  • Basic sound.
  • Concept art is done.


We are now modeling the three characters and assets for the game, and also started with the animations for the characters by using mo cap.

Milestone 2 is on Thursday 02/05-15 and everything the programmers  was going to have done for the white box prototype is finished so we are ahead of the time plan.