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The Cryptid

During this project we are going to make a playable game demo. The project itself is focused on game production and is composed of all the steps that goes in to game development.

The text below is from our high concept

“The Cryptid is an immersing first person multiplayer game. Three players takes the roll of a team of experienced paranormal investigators investing a case of a child spirited away. Co-operating they have to advance through an abandoned house, finding a way to rescue the child without perish under the wrath of the spirit residing there in. The last player takes the on the roll of the child, lured in to the astral plane. With the physical world distorted and twisted the investigators appears like horrific, threatening creatures and forcing the child to fight for hir safety, using whatever childish methods ze can conjure up, like trip wires and buckets o’ water traps.”

The full high concept document can be reached in the MS1 link from the sidebar.

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