Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….

My original goal with the project was to eventually make a small, but functional demo game in Unity3D using the random dungeon generator. As it stands now, this will most likely not be the case. Time estimation for a project is a difficult task and takes quite a lot of practice to become adept at. Working with the project and getting the framework and all the base modules working properly with each other required far more time then was estimated at the start of the project.
The main focus was always to make a functional, modular and expandable dungeon generator framework, that later on could be usable in various other game projects. That has thus far been successful, even if the framework still needs a lot of work and polish. The project was, in the end, a very large undertaking and it would realistically have needed at least two more developers working on it to finish within a reasonable time frame.
To summarize:

  • No demo game
  • More focus on working framework
  • Time estimation is hard and requires practice

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