Todays subject: Portals

Portals where added as a way to simplify the process of generating corridors between rooms and it worked very well, as long as the rooms themselves had a portal on each side. This design flaw is now making itself very obvious and impedes the progress off creating interesting prefabricated rooms(more on this in a later post) with portals on only one side.
There are a few solutions to this:

  1. Changing the graph generation process to work with the room portals instead of the rooms themselves. This could create a more tightly controlled graph, with the added risk of overlapping rooms.
  2. Adding pathfinding based corridor generation. This would only be used for corridors which is known to overlap a room and would be run after the grid has been created. It would create some new interesting corridors, but at the cost of time. Pathfinding is not cheap.
  3. Adding sanity checks when preforming the graph, or simply having special rules for the graph generation of prefab rooms. A possibility would be to force the creation of a room in conjunction with the prefab room portals.

(P = portal, # = void, F = room)
To the left: a room layout with portals on each side
To the right: a room layout with only portals at the bottom

This image perfectly outlines the current issue with portals. The left room is trying to connect with the prefab room “End”, which only have one portal posibility, which in this case unfortunately is to the right. The end result is a corridor which runs straight through the room and causes mayhem.

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