Rooms – Design, Layouts and Randomization

The room system thus far has been very basic and not very flexible. It only supports square rooms, with a portal on each side which is randomly placed. It works for debugging purposes, but now that most of the basic systems are functional and stable, it isn’t good enough. It needs an upgrade!

Here is a flowchart of the newly designed system to be implemented.

The room generation process simply handles the sub modules, which each handle the actual room generation and placement. There are 3 different types of rooms:

  1. Prefabricated (or prefab for short) rooms that have the exact same size, layout and design every time it is created. Very useful for spawn locations, or important rooms to the game plot.
  2. Ruleset rooms. These rooms are created out of a set of rules, which is defined by the sub module itself. These room have a semi random nature, where the room can look similar, but never identical. Layout, placement and size can differ.
  3. Random rooms. These rooms are completely random and have no real rules that define what they are supposed to be or what they should look like. They are usually empty and mostly used as junctions in the dungeon landscape. Oh, and usually filled with enemies!

This new system is estimated to be finished by Wednesday next week, with decor being the next target to tackle.

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