3D Dungeons And Fixed Corridors

Today has been spent trying to visualize the dungeon generation in 3D space. It is still very rough and only meant to get a peak at what the dungeons would look like further down the road. It will also make it easier to work on room decor and other similar systems that needs to be implemented. Disregard any and all graphical artifacts!
A few remarks where made when viewing the dungeon in 3D:

  1. Corridors with a width of 2 look out of place, unless only really large rooms are used
  2. A good way of determining what the game should render is a good idea. This will probably be some sort of algorithm where it renders 1 or 2 rooms away in the graph, including any connecting corridors.
  3. A wall generation process that creates internal walls between rooms and corridors, otherwise portals are useless

Another issue that was worked upon today was that when using a corridor width of 1, the corridors created using Bresenham’s line algorithm are disconnected and creates corridors that are incomplete. To sort this out, it protrudes the last added cell so that it actually connects with the newly added cell. The difference can be seen in the screenshots below.

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