Post Milestone 2 – Progress Report

Milestone 2 Presentation

Last Friday(6/2/2015) we had our milestone 2 presentation, where we showcased our prototypes and any relevant documentation and changes we had made to our original plan. After that, we got some feedback and were told to revise our documentation until all the feedback we were given was resolved. I delivered a short presentation where I discussed the research I had done and showcased the current prototype, which thankfully did not crash and worked like intended. Demo and presentation can be found here
Now we are fully committed to our projects and we may change little to nothing in our plans and time schedules.

Chop code into pieces

This will be mostly be comprised of creating the basic framework and modules for the dungeon generator. In order to do this, the code written for the prototype needs to be chop into smaller, more manageable, modular classes.

Step by step generation

Next, I would like to explore the possibility to preform step-by-step generation, meaning each step of the generation process is done over a number of frames. This will allow for easier debugging and more impressive visual representation of how the generation process works in the future demo.

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