Rapid prototyping modelling with Qubicle 2

If you are a programmer like me, you most likely aren’t very good at working with 3D graphics and modelling. I have however found a solution that works great for making simple models in rapid prototyping purposes.

The software is called Qubicle 2 and is a type of voxelbased 3D modelling software. It is easy to use and makes usable block models fast, perfect for someone like me. Down below is a render of a test model, which took 10 minutes to make, including some poking around and testing.
Testing Qubicle 2

And here is said model loaded into Unity3D.
Qubicle 2 model in Unity3D

Qubicle will be used to create various miscellaneous models, such as tables, doorways, items, pickups and so on.

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