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Hello, this will be my own development blog for my specialization project called “Yggdrasil World Generation”. More information about the project can be found under “About” in the menu to the left. On here, I will post anything from research topics to development updates under the duration of this 2 month project. I will try and post on here every Tuesday and Friday, and any other day that I feel I have something relevant to discuss on here. Comments are welcome!

Testing the Unity game engineThis stating post will not contain much. Firstly, the choice of engine for the project has been made: Unity3D. Since I am new to this engine, I decided to learn some more about it and follow some tutorials. To the left is an image of a very basic “Collect the items” game, as seen in all MMORPGs. I choose Unity3D for its rapid prototyping capabilities and its ease-of-use. Others were considered, but eventually Unity3D came out on top.

Currently, I am reading up on various minimum spanning tree algorithms. They are used in weighed node graphs to find the lowest cost node tree. This will hopefully be useful when generating structural entities such as corridors and portals. At the time of writing, two variations of this algorithm look particularly inetersting: Prim’s algorithm and Kruskal’s algorithm. A post covering this subject will come along as the project progresses.

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