Texturing and choosing the materials for the CGI double

When it came down to texturing the model I started out with giving it the usual Mia_material_x_passes materials and assigned a different diffuse to all the clothing and a normal map under the standard bump node. The result did not look like I wanted so I started looking for tutorials on how to make clothing materials for mental ray, I found 1 tutorial and followed that so i could do denim, cotton, and polyester materials. All I really had to do was to use different noise nodes in the overall bump node for the materials.

By having different noises and different values on the repeated UVs I got some pretty good results.

In the image below you can see the difference before and after following the tutorial, the original Mia_material_x_passes are on the clothing behind the first.


and here is a picture of me(cropped) standing in different lighting with the tshirt and pants, I used this and someĀ  other reference pictures for the modeling and texturing.


Choosing of the motion blur on the CGI double.

I have had some problems deciding what kind of motion blur I would like to have on the CGI character. I rendered out the mv2DToxik pass from Maya and used it to blur the CGI double, It did not give the effect i really hoped for so I tried to render out motion blur directly from maya with full quality and the motion steps set at 1. It looked a little better and after switching back and forth I have decided to go with the Motion blur directly from Maya.

In this picture you can see how it looks with the motion blur and without the motion blur on the CGI double.

motion blur

Work in Progress.

Here is a work in progress of the whole video, there is no sound to the clip yet but it will be done and edited in the next few days. In this week I have made some simulations with the nCloth on the jacket. I have decided that it is the only clothing that needs simulation.

3D model and Previz done this week.

This week on the digital double project, the 3D model of the actor was done to about 95 %, it needs a new displacement map and the coat needs to be retopologized.

the Previz was made in maya with a playblast, since we could not shoot a new clip this week because of the weather I hade to to it with the old footage, its still just so you get a idea of how I would like it to be done.