Texturing and choosing the materials for the CGI double

When it came down to texturing the model I started out with giving it the usual Mia_material_x_passes materials and assigned a different diffuse to all the clothing and a normal map under the standard bump node. The result did not look like I wanted so I started looking for tutorials on how to make clothing materials for mental ray, I found 1 tutorial and followed that so i could do denim, cotton, and polyester materials. All I really had to do was to use different noise nodes in the overall bump node for the materials.

By having different noises and different values on the repeated UVs I got some pretty good results.

In the image below you can see the difference before and after following the tutorial, the original Mia_material_x_passes are on the clothing behind the first.


and here is a picture of me(cropped) standing in different lighting with the tshirt and pants, I used this and someĀ  other reference pictures for the modeling and texturing.


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