The Creature

In this two month long project I’ll create a short vfx sequence with a full cg character.

Here is three early concepts I created when trying to figure out the look of the creature.

conceptA conceptB

conceptC Reference:reference

Here is a sculpt I started, trying to combinde both my concepts and my reference.  I think it’s going in the right direction. sculptConcept

Here is the pipeline I’m going to use, at the moment this is also how my rig scripts wants things to be. I’ll use my own tool “bulldog manager” to publish and keep track of all my assets. It will rename my files, so my rig scripts can pick up the latest assets and build the rigs. Feedback and thoughts are welcome! pipeline

For my deformation, skinsliding and skin wrinkling I could use mayas ‘cMuscles’, but insted of using that I’ll do it with nCloth in combination with psds and joints. And hopefully get better results then with cMuscle.
nCloth will make the muscles interact with each other and the bones,  I’ll then use a fascia layer that will tighten the muscles and give me some sweet skinsliding.
And last a skin layer with self collision so I get some nice dynamic wrinkles, with the aim to create a nice rat-like skin. 


bulldogHere is my file manager it’s written with python and PyQt. It handles all the files for me and auto commits things on svn =)