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Puppet / the animation rig.
A animation friendly real time rig. from which we can later store joint transform information to drive the highress bindrig and geometry.

LOD A Bind rig
The lod A bind rig drives a highress version of the model.  it contains deformers and psd correctives etc.

Muscle rig
The muscles are rigged with a ribbon-like setup, with one insertion and one orgin. Ulna, radius,scapula and the patella bone also has its own rig. Goal shapes are used to get the muscles into their correct shapes during flexion and extension.

All the muscles are simulated with nCloth and the bones are used as collision objects.
the nCloth muscles will jiggle and collide with each other and the bones.
To help guide the muscles another set of skinned muscle objects was required, which then was connect to the nCloths inputMesh and controlled with the input attract attribute.

The fascia was simulated togheter with the muscles. With a negative pressure set the fascia squeezed all the muscles togheter and gave a nice sliding effect when the muscles moved.  The fascia was then cached to drive the final skin.

Simulating the whole character at once would be pretty heavy so the simulation passes was splitted up into upper body and lower body. It was then later combind with a wrap deformer and some weighted blendshapes, togheter with the highress bound and chaced out face.

The skin was then simulated from the cache with self collision turned on for dynamic wrinkles.  To get the final look two passes of different self collide width scale was cached,
to give some nice wrinkles around fingers and so forth. everything was then wraped togheter and cached as a final.

Scripting power
Every step was scripted and worked within my pipeline, it was easy to export and reimport my latest assets .Everything could easily be rebuild if the joints needed to be replaced or the model needed to be changed etc.

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