Dynamic rnd

Rough test. I think the skin sliding is kinda cool, but I’m not liking the jiggle dynamics.
Will have to keep pushing that.

Had some troubles earlier this week with intersecting muscles, this really gave my pipeline a chance to shine. I just had to go back to modeling fix my intersecting muscles and then rerun my scripts. Everything connected up fine, sdks, correctives (as the topology wasn’t changed), skin, joints and muscle rigs (ulna, radius, scapula).


fascia test for upper body.. Using nCloth pressure attributes to tighten the muscles togheter with the fascia.  Have started animating a quick idle for a character breakdown.
Will simulate the shot 1 upper body tomorrow, then keep working on the idle and hopefully start setting up the muscles for the legs.

A bit too clothy.. Will keep playing around until I get something that looks better.


Starting too like the feel of the skin. Want it to be a bit rattish. This is a render version of the fascia with the skins textures. The difference from the fascia and the skin is the self collide attribute. Will make another solve with the skin over the fascia, to simulate wrinkles.


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