Highress bound


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I have just started rigging the highress deformation rig. I’ll try to make my rig as dynamic and flexible as possible. So that If I need to change anything essential, like the joints placments. It should be easy to just rebuild my rig with the latest skeleton.  I created a tag system so I can export and later import my small muscle rigs and connect them back again or if I need any other information when rebuilding my rig.

extendedHave started setting up the rigs for the muscles.  I used and extended Andy van Stratens musclerig module from his ‘skinning with nCloth tutorial‘.


Updated my exporter to export blendshape data.
Now everything I need can be exported, reimported and connected again. At the moment my correctives can only be driven by sdks, but I might add in a way to save out weight drivers if needed. But I guess this will do for now.
For editing my correctives I use Brave rabbits ‘Shapes’.  I will have to use cShapeInverter later if I want to simulate my psds with nCloth.

Progress, Will rig all the muscles this week and setup all the dynamics.
In the test the muscle objects  intersect with each other, however when I apply nCloth all the muscle objects and the bone will interact and collide. Which I think will give a cool and dynamic look. . =)


muscleReferenceSome reference. Will add some motion to the lower arms flexors and extensors when the character move his fingers.




Not going to post all my reference on this blog. But I mainly use the internet and two anatomy books. “Artists anatomy” by dr.Paul Richer and “Human Anatomy for Artists: The Elements of Form” by Eliot Goldfinger. =)

Here is an old test where I trigger blendshapes with the help of an expression that calculates the change in magnitude of a vector between two frames. If the magnitude drasticly change the expression will active another expression that will trigger a value and a countdown, so the blendshape can be smoothly blended. I’ll maybe use this for my muscles, when the character is chaning speed drasticly I could use this to dampen the dynamics or flex the muscles.


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