Face Rig & Blendshapes


And so it begins, here I’ll post all my updates on the face rig.
I just need to sculpt the shapes and name them correctly and my face rigging modules will pick them up and connect them. If I want to add an inbetween shape I just need to add a special token like  mainshape name + “_inbtwn5_”  which would put the shape to activate at 0.5, half between.

Here is the eyes blendshapes in action.

Just finished up the brows Tried to keep it fleshy by adding in inbetweens where I thought it was moving to linear. I may have to exaggerate the shapes a bit.

Here is almost every blendshape, just need lower lip down.   Feedback is welcome.
I’ll go in and add an additional layer of controls for eyes mouth and so forth. Perhaps add in some sticky lips too.


I made a quick render to spot possible texture problems.. The textures are looking awful in the brow area and a lot of the details are missing. Will update my brow shapes so they flow better specialy in the middle. Then I’ll crank up all the wrinkles by animating the displacment map, blending in new maps with the the blendshape weights.
I think it would be nice to add in a control for moving the nose and nose area as well.

Created a tool for quickly setting up and connecting my maps. used pyside and pymel.
the ui was quickly put togheter with the help of qtdesigner.


Here is a quick test I did trying to blend displacments. it dosn’t give much, could be the sss, and the brow area still looks like crap.  I use this math ((defaultTexture – wrinklemap)*weight) + defaultTexture to blend the displacment. I’m not sure if it’s working exactly how I want it too. My intension was to extract just the wrinkles, blend them with the blendshape weight and then add it to the default map.
I get some wierd issues around the neck but that could easily be masked out.
(((defaultTexture – wrinklemap) * weight) * mask ) + defaultTexture = final blended displacment

I think the wrinkles are too small and subtle. I’ll crank them up


here is another possibility, to use an compression map that could blend in the wrinkles. (an old test of mine)

secondaryControlhere is the secondary controls. the secondary controls are joints that is riveting on the blendshapes, so everything moves togheter. With the help of the getClosestPoint I just have to send in a transform and maya will place the rivets to two edges closest to the transform, which makes everything pretty efficient.  the same goes with the sticky lips which has also been added to the mix.  Having a slight problem from working on two different scales, have cleaned up all the scenes now but will have to rebind the secondary controls. will finish up the face rig today, then I’ll have to connect up my puppet rig and clean things up. Then it’s time for the highress bound.


The face have been connected to the animation rig and it’s almost complete. will just add in a breath control and then it’s time to animate.

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