Body Rigging


Here is two images of the  bind rig and the animation rig. Everything is scripted so If I need to change something I can just rerun my script and everything will connect up fine.
The rig was pretty quick to setup with the code from my rigging library. Here is an example of how to rig an arm with my scripts:


import rigmodules as rm
import RigUtil as RiU

rigObject = RiU.RObject()

side = “l_”

armJoints = [side + ‘upperArm_cJNT’, side + “elbowArm_cJNT”, side + “hand_cJNT”]

arm = rm.RigArm.ArmInstall(armJoints, s=rigObject.Left,                                   mn= side +”arm”, createSwc=”global”)

arm.addFK() #add in an additional FK driver
rigObject.connectModule(clav.endJoint, arm.plugs)



I still have some steps to complete before I can call this rig done.  Need a block proxy model and the face rig.

Here is a video of some dynamics. It’s is also a module from my rigging library.
The dynamics are driven by nHair and works in realtime.  (Which means that you don’t have to run ‘interactive playback’ to see the dynamics)
The setup comes with some attributes to control the dynamics, like an on/off switch,
fk attract, damp, stiffness, gravity and turbulence. It also has a “framebuffer” attribute to update the chain to get back to its original position.
I’ll update the module to setup ground collision as well, would be a pretty cool thing to have for the tail.

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