Tracking and lightning

Yesterday Icon studio helped me record all the scenes and needed material.
I converted black magics .DNG files to .exr with linear workflow in mind.
Here is the tracked scene with matched lightning, it’s still a progress.
I started of with projecting the filmed sequence onto the photoscaned environment. This gave me some nice bounce light and for the main light source I used a simple area light in combination with a Hdri I found on the web. I really liked the focus shift that happens I think it will help intergrating the 3d object with the background. Some stuff still needs to be tweaked and the whole clip needs to be stabilized.

a quick update: Just learned that it’s possible to read .dng files directly into nuke and skip the resolve step. The node can be found here and here is a link to a blog post about how to use it.


The photoscan was a quick way to get a rough environment.  I’ll use it both for the projection and for the mockup of the scene so I know where my character can put his feets during animation!



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