Look Dev, texturing and bind rigging


uvmappingfacerenderHere is a setup with all the maps (disp,fine disp, subdirm,epiderm, diffuse,spec) at the moment it looks pretty mediocre and boring. Will play around with the different SSS layers to get a better color variation and make him look much creepier as my reference/concepts. Need to fix my spec / roughness map.

I think fur and hair will help break the symetri and make the character look much more interesting. feedback are welcome!

Will update a clip later with everything in motion.

The rigging is going alright, I’we just finished a new highress spine to my boundutil library. The spine will be controled by a simplified skeleton.  So I can drive like 20 joints with 4 fk joints etc. I did this with one ikSpline chain which then got constraint to another set of joints which then worked as twistjoints so I could get the rotation around the primary axis.



To tweak the distribution of the twist joints I created this tool.  With the help of a graph the distribution of the twist can be tweaked until it hits a desired look. The values can then be mirrored and saved. So next time the bind rig gets build it sets the correct values.


Here is my facemodel and my facecontrols. I have already created the face rigging modules to connect up the blendsahpes and the controls have also been reused and placed to fit the new model.
what I need now is the blendshapes, which I will start working on in the end of next week.
I’m still thinking about the facerigs models resolution, perhaps it’s a bit high.
I could fake wrinkles etc with normal maps as a representation of the high model in the anim rig. Guess I have to test things out to know how fast it is.
Another way to solve this probelm could be to load the facerig when most of the animation block is finished.

This week I’ll setup all the filmed material, track the scene, setup render passes and shaders. Aside from that I’ll also try out some fur and perhaps finish up the body rig!

 Thoughts, feedback and critique are very welcome!

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