Tracking, tracking, roto, tracking

It’s week two, and we now have our a cut sequence with 12 frame handles in the beginning and end of each shot. We still have quite a bit of design choices to settle, but we are all on the same page with the overall style and it’s now only details that needs clarification.

Here is a slapcomp image made in Photoshop that shows what we wish to do with the footage.

test1In the first video we have made a quick composite of the current object tracked arm with our camera track and almost cleanplated footage. The second video shows our cut footage without any added cg.

With the shot of the table we’re on good way with the roto of the arm, tracking marker removal and camera tracking. Limited availability of green things on set resulted in the choice of a white cube with black tape as foundation for our little “this holds the screw” mechanism. Adding the orange table, we didn’t make this step easier for us. But, since roto is such an enjoyable task, Smith doesn’t mind at all…


Our Lookdev Tall has spent the week researching materials and object tracking our last shot of the sequence. The camera tracking of this shot was a challenge, as there wasn’t enough parallax along the x axis for the camera solver to calculate the z depth. We now have a camera with the correct translation in the z axis, but it still needs to be stabilized. In the image below you can see the shoulder piece used to geometry track her upper body movement.


Salvo has begun with the arm, both in Zbrush and some tests in Fusion, but the process has been put on hold since then because rotoscoping became first priority. We want all mattes finished by the week’s end, so Smith and Salvo are working on those while Tall finalizes the object tracking. Untitled-1Untitled-2

Afternoon Shooting


Photographer Mathias Sjöstedt shot our set with in raw with a Blackmagic Cinema Camera. A Macbeth tablet is used for every shot to match values, and light probe reference taken to later on match our 3D scene lighting.

We have three planned shots following our storyboard, plus one introduction shot of the room which will be used if there’s time over.

Our actress is Caroline Brandén, who we will replace the left arm of with a CG robotic one. We have put some placeholder blue parts onto her shoulder and will later on replace it with a metal shoulder piece.




Start of The Mechanic

The coming two months we will be working to create “The Mechanic”, a visual effects shot of an alternate reality girl.storyboard

Our goal is to replace her left arm with a robotic one, and seamlessly integrate all CG with the original footage. This week has been and will continue to be spent on pre production. Right now we’re building a live set at ICON studios in Skellefteå, who will also be helping us with filming on Monday.




Some very rough concepts of her arm