Cleanplating & Camera projection prep

Today I got Fredrik’s 3D scanned environment and has since been simplifying the geometry of the obejcts. The area to focus on is the blue box and surrounding objects.15februari

The missing wall has been replaced with a corner-pinned extension. There’s still work to e done with the value and falloff, but it feels more comfortable to get everything out before matching lighting. Also, the radio has some extreme reflections from the arm, so we decided in the group to “pretend it’s aimed away from her” and remove all of her reflection with another cleanplate. 15februari_02

Until the full model is placed in the shot, the rotoscoping has been put on hold. I still need to reapply the shadow from her arm over the cleanplated table by keying out the shadow from the orginal footage and remove the tracking markers from it, then reapply. 15februari_03

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