Pre-production adventure

We cut together a little video showing some of the moments from our pre production. We had a lot of fun painting walls, acquiring all the props and setting everything up. A big thanks to Kai Nedergård and Icon Studios who helped to make this possible. In the end we got some really nice footage!

Updated Shading- Updated Grade


Tall’s updated shading


Smith’s updated grade

Our Milestone render will hopefully be finished by tomorrow morning, and until then the composite is tested on a single frame (hence the lack of a previz). Apart from that, some mattes need to be polished and the shadow of shot two will be edited to match the plate footage.

Final (overall) grade coming soon!


Shot 2 Composite Update





After (WIP)


Nuke Node Graph

All our material was rendered out during the weekend so today I started with compositing of the robot arm. Hopefully we’ll be able to render out a mental ray depth pass tomorrow so that depthcompositing is enabled, but so far all grades affect the whole arm.

We’ve decided to create the final overall grading in After Effects, so the current render is only matched with the plate.




Final shading is getting there!
Still a few things to be done but more or less the final look.



A bit of the shading progress so far!
Roughness, diffuse and mask maps are on the first passes.

We’ve divided the work so Salvo is creating the maps in Mari, so I can focus on the shading alone in Maya. We’ve also been using Hexels to create some of the patterns on the fingers and black rubber. (

Everything is setup so we can easily adjust how much dirt and scratches we want.

shadingtest18shadingtest17  shadingtest11shadingtest14shadingtest05shadingtest07 shadingtest04 shadingtest01 shadingtest


theMechanic_ProgressImage02Today I finished unwrapping the entire arm, what´s left now is to arrange all shells so that everything gets correct spacing and split the arm into about 5 Uv-tiles. Hopefully I´ll get to do some texturing tomorrow.

We also got in contact with Jonas Olofsson which agreed on helping us out with the sound. This frees up some time in our schedule and will allow us to focus entirely on the visuals. We had worked with him in a previous project here at Gscept and we´re thankful for the help.


Camera Tracking – Solved

Is it too late to ask PFTrack to be my valentine?

The camera track is now completed for the third shot, which earlier had been a challenge to solve due to the small parallax of the objects in frame. So, camera tracking was put on hold after a “decent” one had been created and I went on to building the scene with simple geometry in preparation for the camera texture projections.This simple geometry proved to be more useful than anticipated.

By accident, I had chosen the last node of my previous tracking attempt (the most stable one) when creating a new geometry track node. The new geometry track then used the information from that camera solve with my to-be geometry track. All I had to do was import it and start translating on pixel level until all the previous jitter had been eliminated.



Cleanplating & Camera projection prep

Today I got Fredrik’s 3D scanned environment and has since been simplifying the geometry of the obejcts. The area to focus on is the blue box and surrounding objects.15februari

The missing wall has been replaced with a corner-pinned extension. There’s still work to e done with the value and falloff, but it feels more comfortable to get everything out before matching lighting. Also, the radio has some extreme reflections from the arm, so we decided in the group to “pretend it’s aimed away from her” and remove all of her reflection with another cleanplate. 15februari_02

Until the full model is placed in the shot, the rotoscoping has been put on hold. I still need to reapply the shadow from her arm over the cleanplated table by keying out the shadow from the orginal footage and remove the tracking markers from it, then reapply. 15februari_03