The animation is coming along, we used motion capture for the basic block-in and then polish it. We had to key animate booth the face and hands for our characters from the ground up. We want to thank Anton Stattin how not only provided us with one of his script’s but supervised us during this step. The script automatically crated a facial rig, the only thing we needed to provide was 50 individual blend shapes. This made the rigging and animation process a lot faster.

We were also supposed to start rendering at this point but no lighting, materials or textures exists.


At this point according to our schedule the texturing should be done as well as the characters, we decided to postpone the texturing and focus on the rigging, skinning and animation process instead. The reasening behind this is that the texturing proces usualy don’t contrubute to alot of problems, the same can’t be said for the rigging, skinning and animation steps.

We are still in the process of creating the charterers but we are expecting to be done with in the next couple of days . One of the major changes this week was the redesign of the monster characters head, we did this to make the facial animation easier and more expressive. We also did some more render tests and are now more confident that no flickering will occur.


Frame  1 Single person standing in elevator.

Frame  2 Doors opens light shines through.

Frame  3 Second character walks in to frame.

Frame 4-6 the two characters stands awkward next to each other

Frame 7-8 Doors opens light shines through and chaos can be seen and heard in the background.

Frame 9 the secondary character exits the Elevator in a charging or forceful manner.

Frame 10 Doors closed, the first character is now alone again.