Solkraft Tutorial 4: Blueprints

Blueprints is what the level editor uses to represent your entitites. When you create a new blueprint, you attach all of the properties you want to it, and then it will show up as a placeable entity in the level editor with those attached properties. This tutorial will go over how to create new blueprints.

First we go to the \blueprints\ folder from the last tutorial, and then we create a new file called “Blueprints.xml”, like so:


In this file, like with the .xml file from the last tutorial, you want to define all your blueprints under some tags, in this case the <BluePrints> </BluePrints> tags. It should look something like this:


<BluePrint name=”BlueprintName”>

<Property name=”PropertyName”>


<Property name=”PropertyName2″>
<var name=”AttributeName6″ value=”75″/>



Per blueprint you define what properties are attached to it. Per property you only specify an attribute if you want this specific blueprint to have a different default value for that specific attribute, otherwise you don’t have to redefine attributes per property.

And that’s it, the blueprint will now show up in the level editor for use as a placeable entity.

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