Level Editor

Update on the SolKraft Level editor. The Property Viewer was was the latest feature added to it.   It currently reads from an XML file, displays the data (which can be…

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Physics update

  The implementation of Box2D is going along smoothly. Physics Demo will show of the current state of the implementation  

Graphics Demo

  Today we have finished our small graphics demo program that we will be using in the presentation of milestone two. The purpose of this program was to asses how well the…

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PhysicsManager up and working with Box2D, at least on a basic level;tomorrow more functionality will come.


Today we started setting up the structure, and have now a project to work with on svn. Entity Manager somewhat done and will tomorrow test it with the Entity Class. We…

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Paper Work!

The project documentation was today main focus. I created an UML diagram of the engine. The layout is still missing a lot of member variables to most of the classes; will fix…

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First Post!

Today we talked about the design of the project. Tomorrow we will work with splitting the work into tasks, to be able to create the time spreadsheet, also creating a…

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